General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We, Rigicon Inc. as (“Company“); we have prepared this Lighting Text in order to tell you what personal data we will use for what purposes. The personal data we provide below and the information you provide to us in all circumstances;

• Your personal data obtained in the following ways,

• within the scope of our legal relations,

• in a limited and measured manner in connection with the purpose and for the purpose of processing,

• maintaining the accuracy and the most up-to-date of the personal data, as reported or notified to us,

• to be recorded, stored, stored, reorganized, and will be shared with the institutions authorized to request such personal data and shall be transferred, transferred and classified to third parties under the conditions stipulated by the GDPR and may be processed in other ways listed in GDPR.


This site; Our website is designed to inform our visitors about the applications related to our site and related subjects without any commercial anxiety, and does not provide health services and also your data can be processed from time to time to provide better service to all our visitors by doing some research and marketing activities. . The linked content related to our site is intended for information purposes only. There is no real health service to replace a real examination, diagnosis and treatment.

If you share with us, or if necessary, your personal data may be subject to processing as follows:

Identity Data Name Surname
Communication Data Your country, E-mail address, business and / or mobile phone number, your communication category (Distributor, patient, job seeker, doctor and other)
Customized Personal Data if you are sick; information in your message, or information about your health, or if you are a visitor to the doctor / job seeker and other communication category.
Website / Application Usage Data Date of message, frequency / times of login to site, ios / android / mobile site / web site user, update date, Cities, last message date, first entry date, if the messaging option is available correspondence, the visitor’s phone number from the mobile phone in the site to search information, use of the site information (every move and selection made in the site),
Other Visitor ID, IP address, log records


In order to fulfill our legal obligations as a company, the data sharing principles and terms of use between us, the personal data we request from you in accordance with the legitimate interests of the Company, you can send us information in a physical or electronic environment, enter information, audio and video on our platforms and We are collecting information that is open to you.

Due to the legitimate interest of the Company in enhancing customer satisfaction by providing you with support, we collect the information you have given us during your telephone conversations, facebook / instagram interactions.

In accordance with the legitimate interest of the Company in developing and making it more effective, we collect your personal data electronically through cookies used on our website as detailed in our Cookie Policy.


The above-mentioned personal data is processed for the following purposes in order to perform the data sharing principles and terms of use agreement we provide to you on the site:

• Support you about your problem

• Meet your incoming calls and respond to your support needs

• To conclude the complaint if there is a complaint about the services we provide

• If you have any complaints in the direction of your request or in the social media, review your message on the site.

• Budget management and reporting

We strive to continuously improve and progress in order to best serve you. For this, we can process your personal data as follows:

• Market interpretation, sales, marketing analysis, administrative analysis, financing planning, interpreting the use of the site

• To improve the quality of our service and to ensure quality control

• Developing and marketing the products in the process of developing and managing our current and R & D stages

• Improving internal and external use of software used in the company

• Ensure that Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive is hosted and managed on Overseas Servers.

Finally, we are obliged to share your personal data when we are asked to share your personal data through legal requests such as prosecution demands and court decisions in accordance with the law and procedure and in accordance with the legal notifications issued in the legislation. In addition, if your personal data are subject to a dispute which we are a party to, we may need to share your personal data with lawyers, experts, courts and individuals who are required to exercise our right to defense. We may process your personal data in order to fulfill our legal obligations and to exercise our right to defense.

WHERE do we transfer your personal data?

We strive to continuously improve and progress in order to best serve you. For this purpose, we are able to transfer your personal data to third parties at home and abroad:

• Data sharing policies and terms of use in the message you send to our site, data storage conditions, if you prefer clear consent text, you can send us an e-mail, you can call, you can sms, what you want to get information on platforms such as whatsapp / facebook / instagram personal information containing your contact information We transfer your data to the suppliers who provide the relevant services that we have contracted at home and abroad.

• Your personal data collected within the framework of, the user movement data in the site we gathered to provide you with a better service (where you clicked, how long, etc.), providing business development by doing such analyzes companies.

• We can transfer your personal data to companies we work with, such as Insider, Google Analytics, for sales, marketing and reporting activities

The above-mentioned personal data is processed for the purposes of performing this Service Agreement for the employment service we provide to you:

• In order to provide you with support, you can use your local and / or overseas-based cloud storage systems and the user accounts they open under your preferred choice based on your preference for whom you want your personal data to be displayed along with your personal data contained in your message. we can transfer. Any responsibility for the normal and / or special personal data transmitted after entering a form on the site in the Site, as well as the deletion, destruction and / or anonymity of normal and / or private personal data transmitted to the Company, If you wish to be made, you must provide this request directly to the Company. The Company has no liability or liability in these matters.

We may also transfer all your personal data, including your personal data, to our solicitors or legal advisers in order to exercise our right to defense, and we may transfer all your personal data, including your personal data, if you receive a legal request for the transfer of your personal data.


As per the contents of the GDPR, you are personally responsible for your personal data provided that you prove your identity;

• to learn whether the Company has processed personal data about you;

• To learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether they are used appropriately,

• You have the right to know whether personal data is transferred to and from the country or abroad.

In addition, you have the right to request the Company to correct the incorrect and incomplete personal data and to inform the recipients that the data may be transferred or transferred.

You may request the Company to destroy (erase, destroy or anonymize) your data under the conditions set forth in the GDPR content of your personal data. You can also request that 3rd parties to which data is transferred or transferred can be informed about your disposal request. However, by evaluating your request for destruction, it will be evaluated by us according to the circumstances of the concrete event. In this context, you can always ask us for information about why we have chosen the destruction method.

You can object to the results of your personal data analysis created using an automatic system, if these results are against your interests.

If you suffer damage due to unlawful processing of your personal data, you can claim the loss.

Your requests will be free of charge within thirty days at the latest.

For the processing of your personal data, you must submit your application to our Company by filling out the application form on the Company’s internet address, in writing or by e-mail address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or by using your e-mail address which you have given to us in advance and in our records. Depending on the nature of your request and the method of application, you may be asked by the Company to determine whether the application belongs to you, so that additional rights (such as sending and receiving messages to your registered phone) may be required to protect your rights. For example, if you apply through the e-mail address registered with the Company, we may contact you by using another communication method registered in the Company and we may ask you to confirm whether the application is yours.

Please read the Terms of Use for the processing of your personal personal data and for the transfer of your personal data abroad and abroad.


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