Malleable Penile Prosthesis


Rigi10 is easy to implant
High bending angle may allow implantation through a smaller corporotomy.

Rigi10 is easy to size
Available in five diameters to better meet the patient’s anatomical needs.

Rigi10 RTEs are easy to attach
SecureFit™ Extenders connect easily to add length. All diameters come with two each of the extender sizes (0.5 cm and 1.0 cm).

Rigid shaft and distal end for a strong erection. High bending angle and memory for easy and comfortable concealment.

Rigi10™ is durable.

Rigi10™ continues to offer satisfactory performance results even after long cycles of simulated tests.1

Flexible Rod Technology

Flexible Rod Technology provides easy bending and avoids undesirable turning on the axis of the implant when an erection is desired by the patient.

Flexible Rod Technology enables the rod to reach a bending angle of up to 135 degrees while simulating a more natural erection feeling.

SecureFit Extenders

Each Rigi10 malleable penile prosthesis comes with a set of SecureFit Extenders, avaible in 0.5 cm and the 1.0 cm sizes.

SecureFit Extenders are easily attached to the Flexible Rod. The firm connection provides the physician with confidence in a secure connection between the extenders and the Flexible Rod.

Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Prosthesis Product CodeProsthesis DiametersProsthesis LengthsExtenders
RG10099 mm23 cm
RG101010 mm23 cm0.5 cm
RG101111 mm25 cmand
RG101212 mm25 cm1 cm
RG101313 mm25 cm
Prosthesis Product CodeProsthesis DiametersProsthesis LengthsExtenders
RG10099 mm23 cm
RG101010 mm23 cm0.5 cm
RG101111 mm25 cmand
RG101212 mm25 cm1 cm
RG101313 mm25 cm


What is erectile dysfunction?

Persistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection rigid enough to allow sexual intercourse.

How comfortable is the penile prosthesis? How does it look and feel?

The penile prosthesis, (may also be referred to as penile implant), is designed to create a natural feel and comfortable concealment. Your experience may vary depending on the penile prosthesis type you have chosen for implantation (e.g. malleable penile prosthesis or inflatable penile prosthesis.)

Is the malleable penile prosthesis noticeable from the outside?

Your malleable penile prosthesis will not be noticeable from the outside. No one will know that you have a malleable penile prosthesis until you choose to disclose this information.

How long will my erection last?

An erection with a malleable penile prosthesis is on demand and will last as long as you or your partner desires.

Does penile prosthesis implantation prevent orgasms?

Malleable penile prosthesis implantation carried out by a specialized physician and according to proper surgical techniques is not expected to have any effect on your ability to achieve an orgasm and ejaculation.

Can I still have a child after penile prosthesis implantation?

Since malleable penile prosthesis implantation does not interfere with your ability to ejaculate, it is not expected to have any effect on your ability to father a child.

Can I still have an MRI with the penile prosthesis?

Rigicon® penile prostheses are “MR Conditional”. You can be safely scanned in an MR system meeting the conditions outlined in the device instructions for use. Please refer to the device specific IFU for further information.

What are the benefits of Rigi10 malleable penile prosthesis?

Rigi10 malleable penile prosthesis offers a high bending angle with good bending memory. The physician can implant the prosthesis through a relatively smaller incision. Good bending memory enables you to conceal your penis under your clothes easily. Rigi10 malleable penile prosthesis (may also be referred to as a semi-rigid penile implant) offers great rigidity for sexual intercourse. Non-clinical testing shows greater durability for the device. Rigi10 is easy to operate and also a good solution for patients with limited manual dexterity.

What is Rigi10’s Flexible Rod Technology?

Rigi10 malleable rods have the cutting-edge Flexible Rod Technology which offers a high bending angle of ≥130°. This high bending angle may promote easier implantation.

Who is a candidate for Rigi10 malleable penile prosthesis?

If you are diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and other treatment options do not offer satisfactory remediation than you may be a candidate for malleable penile prosthesis implantation. Consult your physician for further evaluation and to learn if you are eligible for penile prosthesis implantation.

Is it easy and pain-free to operate the Rigi10 penile prosthesis?

. You can easily manipulate the Rigi10 malleable penile prosthesis to an erect position and later bend for concealment. This operation should be pain-free after the post-op healing period.

FAQ’s Disclaimer
The content is not intended to be a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other health-care professional.
1 Data on file RIGI10-DOF-01-01.2019